The Next Step

The first step is striking up a conversation with us to explore how we can turn your vision into technical reality, and create value to your existing or future business. We speak plain, jargon-free business language, so we will have a meaningful discussion, whether you have IT experience or not.

You don't need to make special preparations or create any documentation before getting in touch with us. However, for our better understanding of the context of your project, we will need to learn about your idea and your business.

Our questions typically revolve around:

• Your business goals, day-to-day operations, workflows, and team

• Your current and potential business opportunities and challenges

• What the purpose of your bespoke software is

• How would you measure its impact

• Who your clients, customers are and their expectations

• Who the users of your bespoke application will be

• The technologies you currently use

Getting to know you and your business better will help us confidently answer your questions and advise possible solutions early on in exploring your idea.

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