Internet of Things (IoT) Development

Bridging the gap between online and offline

Bring your offline data points online

When you’re looking for a competitive edge in a crowded marketplace, quick, efficient and accurate data collection matters. You need the flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances, and you need the right information to inform that adaptation.

But what if your data points are scattered across multiple offline locations, devices, and systems? When you need to bring offline data points together, in an easily accessible, monitored and analysed way, you need better connections. The Internet of Things will create those connections, turning hard-to-measure offline data into accessible online information.

Bring your data under an umbrella of analysis

The Internet of Things is a broad term encompassing everything from the smart watch on your arm to the technology powering the navigation in your car.

But for your business, it primarily means better information and greater control.

By developing streamlined, secure infrastructure, and smart connections, we enable your company’s physical assets to collect data and communicate information in multiple directions.

Let the information flow

Create a cohesive system of smart devices and
develop new capabilities that will help you:

Gain better data for deeper insights

Access, read and process data more accurately than ever before. Keep everything connected so nothing is siloed and data isn't scattered - giving your teams all the information they need to perform.

Remove bottlenecks of growth

Streamline your operations and improve your workflows throughout your organisation. As devices monitor usage and performance statistics, you can instantly see what’s causing delays to or deviations from your workflows or processes.

Increase the added value of processes

Improve efficiency while reducing costs and manual workloads. By allowing devices and assets to communicate automatically, you won’t need to send people to check meter readings, vehicle mileage or usage data.

Smooth the way for innovation

Develop new products, services and outstanding experiences for your customers and employees alike. Spark your product development and UX design by real-life data and real-time feedback from users and their devices.

Better, more accurate data in any domain

We have handled IoT development for clients across multiple industries.
We have experience in:


Monitor physical areas and to keep track of people or devices in real time


Track users’ locations, performance and even health metrics

Retail IoT

Create outstanding shopping experiences both offline and online

Industrial IoT

Simplify device monitoring, control, and automation, as well as data access

Fleet management

Reduce fleet costs, ensure accurate planning and reporting

Maintenance management

Boost site safety; monitor and control equipment from anywhere

Pragmatic connections for long-term benefits

Even the smallest improvements in efficiency can have significant knock-on effects for your business - in the form of lower operational costs, improved customer experience and better staff retention.

It’s these long-term benefits that we focus on when we start work on your new IoT project. It’s not about using the newest technology for the sake of being new, or ripping up ways of working that are still working.

We’ll analyse your processes and operations, understand your business and your workflows, and focus on ways to deliver the real-world improvements that the Internet of Things delivers.

Ready to embrace the Internet of Things?