Enhance your in-house development with our expertise

Even with a large, experienced in-house IT team, there often comes a point where a corporation needs a little extra support.

Whether it’s an issue of capacity or of capability, having an external partner who can step in and act as a seamless extension of your team can be the difference between the success and failure of software projects.

For many market-leading companies, Transition has been that partner. We can support your developers, designers, and business analysts, too.

Why Corporates choose to work with us

We are the flexible, trustworthy team you can rely on to
support your mission-critical software projects

Smooth onboarding

Thanks to our diverse project experience and development skills, we can pick up the thread quickly and easily, and become an organic extension of your IT team without disruption.

Risk-free collaboration

Corporations rely on our track record, technical skills, business understanding, and project management experience to steer clear of the risks usually associated with development outsourcing.

All-round scalability

We provide our clients an agile development team, a resilient application development framework and a flexible resource model. This ensures full control over progress, timescales, and investment.

A flexible, risk-free way of supporting your teams

When in-house capacity is stretched to the limits, so are IT budgets. That’s why flexibility is always a key consideration for our corporate clients. Flexibility, agility, and partnership are the pillars of our culture and our methodology reflects these principles.

Our gradual, staged approach allows for flexible resource management and complete hands-on control.

When your IT team needs our advice, our support, or our expertise - we’re there for you. When your team can handle the workload, we’ll scale back our involvement to protect your budgets.

An agile, proven framework to meet all of your needs

Working with us you’ll also have access to Adam, our proprietary development framework. Adam offers all of the speed and cost benefits of a low-code solution, with the customisation and control that comes from a fully bespoke project.

That’s why corporate companies trust Transition to organically extend their internal teams and our Adam platform to be the resilient foundation of their bespoke applications.

Your Adam-based software can be developed fully by your internal team, externally by us, or in a hybrid fashion - depending on budgets, timeframes and specific requirements. It can always be maintained and upgraded by your in-house team, making it a scaleable, efficient and reliable option for any mission-critical applications or systems. 

Jump-start your software projects

Corporate clients use our ADAM low-code platform to accelerate their software projects. They see results for a fraction of the cost and time that goes into traditional bespoke development.

Off-the-shelf and
SaaS Solutions

Solves generic issues
Limited customisation
For simple workflows
Pre-built features
Little to no control over User Experience
Low initial risk, but it can increase over time
Low initial costs, but licence fees can quickly add up
Scalability is often constrained

Software Development

Solves business-specific challenges
Fully bespoke applications
For complex workflows
Bespoke functionality
Full control over User Experience
Higher risk due to complexity
Requires agility from developer
Higher overall cost
Often unpredictable timescales
Scalable, if designed well

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