The beginnings of our story

Transition is the bespoke software capability behind some of the country’s most well-known brands and companies, both in Milton Keynes and further afield.

Transition has been delivering bespoke software, integration and software support to local, national, and international businesses since 1998.

When Dave Gibson and Jon Hillyer founded the company, after leaving key senior positions at Mercedes-Benz Milton Keynes, they were focusing on partnering with local clients to become their responsive, close-knit software engine room.

The reputation we earned

In the last 24 years we have been building products, capability and better business processes faster than traditional development teams, whether they be internal IT divisions or external contractors, all underpinned by defined quality procedures.

Transition quickly developed a reputation via word of mouth with SMEs, corporates, and start-ups alike, as people to turn to when you need to deliver highly functional, performant software that gets the job done on time.

We are seen as a reliable, stable company to build a long-term business partnership with.

24 years later

Today we work with amazing companies either acting as the extension of their internal IT team or as their external, but accessible and software development partner.

We deliver specialist application development, integration, support, and enhancement services.

We turn our clients' business vision into technological reality. This enables them to:

design their workflows to optimise productivity

create memorable user experiences on any platform

build outstanding products and services

enhance the value of their legacy systems

use more accurate data to gain deeper insights

Our approach

Transition has learned through experience that the key to successful software projects is a flexible view on which methodology to use as every project and client is different.

We approach each project with a fresh set of eyes, and an open mind. Our development projects are always driven by context.

The result can be the adoption of the flexible Agile or the traditional Waterfall approach – or, if the project or client’s company culture requires it, a combination of both methodologies.

In this way, we can bridge the gap between our clients' business goals and technology in a low-risk, controlled, yet flexible way.

Developing mission-critical bespoke software since 1998