1. Tried-and-tested foundations

We deliver Adam, our low-code bespoke development framework and its code bank early on in the process, usually in the very first release of your application.

This allows us to quickly fine-tune the core functionality of the app. It also lays the foundations for the next stages of the development.

2. Admin screens and basic workflows

Once Adam is in place, it’s time to set up your administration screens. Depending on your project, we may deliver some or even all of these during the Specification phase.

A significant portion of the admin functionality will run on automatically generated code. This reduces the amount of code we have to write from scratch, which results in significantly faster development.

3. Bespoke functionality and features

Finally, we will build the fully bespoke functionality and features of your application.

Whether these are complex calculations, your specialised workflows, crucial integrations, or unique user interfaces, we will make sure that their technical delivery is fully aligned with your vision.

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