The Specification document

The Specification document will outline both the technological and business objectives and requirements of your application, and provide a clear and concise summary of what exactly is going to be delivered.

It will also contain important details of background processes that aren’t pronounced by the prototype.

The Specification document often includes diagrams that depict the functional areas and processes of your business, your workflows, and the architecture of your bespoke application.

Spreadsheet models

Some workflows and business processes involve complex calculations.

These need to be defined, fully understood and precisely documented.

The spreadsheet models containing this crucial information are built to illustrate current processes, specify the required changes, and to create test cases for testing your application throughout its development.

Proof of concept (PoC)

Working together to produce spreadsheet models, the specification document, and the prototype of their software gives our clients confidence in our partnership early on in the process.

In those rare cases, where there are still questions around the technological solution or concerns about how some of the functionality will be delivered, we develop a proof of concept (PoC).

While the exact nature of the PoC varies by case, it typically removes all remaining technological or business uncertainty and confirms that the proposed solution will meet your objectives.

Working prototype

The high point of the Specification stage is definitely the demonstration of the prototype of your future application.

Our team of business analysts will work closely with your team to define what your users require, visualise it via the linked screens, and make further changes if needed. Complex software projects normally involve several interactions before the prototype is signed off on.

Our methodology revolves around agility, so your prototype can be fine-tuned during its development, all within your initial budget. This functional prototype will provide the foundation of a successful software project. It will enable you to experience your bespoke application before you invest in developing it.

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