Reimagine your core systems

Your business relies on your core systems - they’re what enable your most important workflows by running your most crucial processes. These are the ever pulsing technological heart of your business. But it’s this essential nature that makes updating your core systems a daunting project.

Replacing core systems could cause massive disruptions, but a failure to modernise them can leave you left behind by other, more forward-thinking competitors. And that’s where Transition can help.

We will help you create a strategy to modernise and enhance your core systems without disrupting day-to-day operations. We’ll be drawing on our experience and foresights to find the right approach to deliver the results you need today - and the resilience your system will need in the future.

It's an evolution, not a revolution

System enhancement isn’t a case of tearing down legacy systems and proven technologies to start again from scratch. It’s about making the most of the tech you’ve come to rely on, gradually improving them to bring you closer to your long-term IT and business goals.

We won’t recommend implementing the latest, cutting-edge AI, serverless architecture, edge computing, or Machine Learning algorithms - unless we’re certain the results they deliver are worth the investment. Instead, we look to make simple, impactful changes that won’t disrupt your operations.

It’s an evolution, not a revolution, that’s powered by:

Streamlined operations and automated workflows

Web-enabled processes for improved accessibility

Improvements to user and customer experience (UX/CX)

Cross-platform apps to empower your field-based teams

Smarter use of data to make informed, sensible decisions

Enhancement can take many forms

It all depends on how wide the gap is between your business goals and the capabilities of your software system


Migrating processes to modern operating environments to make your core systems resilient, secure and accessible without any disruption.


Add new capabilities to your legacy systems that enhance core processes, boost UX and CX, streamline access to data and integrate powerful new functions.


Consolidate your complex processes into simplified, optimised workflows that also help your core systems to collect and use information in smarter ways.


Identify core system functions that no longer deliver value, and replace them with new SaaS or bespoke additions that integrate seamlessly.

Enhance by transitioning to the cloud

Replatforming is often the quickest, most efficient way to enhance core systems, by moving key functions into the cloud. And while cloud computing’s been a key transition since the late 2000s, getting it right is still a key consideration for you and your teams.

We will help you plan your cloud replatforming, building a safe, secure platform for your core operations, and creating a strategy to move them into the cloud without affecting day-to-day operations.

Building on our experience in transitioning legacy systems to the cloud, we can help you spot any potential pitfalls and avoid them, all while streamlining operations, reducing costs, and improving security.

Add agility and years of value to your core systems

Enhancing your existing infrastructure can deliver value by streamlining operations, enhancing user and customer experiences, and improving data security. But beyond that, it can also add resilience to the system by making it able to change with your business and its circumstances.

To achieve this agility, you need to choose a software development partner that understands your business, your workflows, and your industry - one that is able to reliably navigate the enhancement of your system in the right direction.

Working with Transition can deliver the best of both worlds: keeping what works and adding what is needed, without disrupting your operations and investing into purposeless features.

We'll help you reimagine your core systems