From better data to deeper insights

For all businesses today, the data they create is essential: customer information, purchasing trends, associated services and statistics are all crucial to their success.

At Transition we know how to support our clients to make better use of this data and gain better control over it and how to ensure its accessibility and how to protect it. We know how to tailor their database to perfectly fit their business vision and workflows.

Many of our clients are already taking advantage of storing data in bespoke databases that were designed to fully meet their information needs.

They rely on these databases to provide vital information that gives suppliers and their staff more control over business processes and deeper insights into trends that enable them to serve their customers at a higher standard.

When to go bespoke?

You will benefit from developing your bespoke database if:

You need to process data in a way off-the-shelf solutions are unable to manage

You need a database that can be fully tailored to your workflow

Your existing database reached its maximum capacity and it needs to be extended

Support isn’t available for your database or it doesn’t make financial sense to maintain it

Your organisation faces new challenges that your existing database can’t overcome

What it means for your business

Transition has helped many companies move their data from Excel and Microsoft Access databases into more secure and flexible environments, such as MS SQL, Oracle or MySQL.

These developments not only removed duplicate processes, making data-controlling easier, but also improved the accuracy of internal data for the advantage of businesses and their clients alike.

Our experience in building bespoke database systems can help you achieve your business goals in a secure and performance-focused way.

We have already done so for businesses of all sizes. Our portfolio spans from start-ups to the largest corporations serving hundreds of thousands of users. We have the understanding of complex business processes and the technical capability to help you turn data into actionable insights.

The base for your database

At Transition, we follow an agile development approach, which is fundamentally about flexibility, as well as delivering real-life value quickly, without risk.

We don’t expect you to tell us exactly how your application will be used, and exactly what features will be required.

Instead, we use our Adam low-code platform to rapidly build a wireframe and dashboards that you can visualise, use and critique from the earliest possible stage in the project.

This feedback enables us to steadily improve your database and related systems, while it also shortens time-to-value. You'll get more accurate data, presented in the appropriate way, so you can turn information into deeper business insights.

Build bespoke databases for unique insights