Automated banking and leasing systems

Transition develops advanced bespoke applications for a wide spectrum of businesses in the Financial Services sector.

Our team is adept at providing solutions that facilitate automated and accurate underwriting, helping businesses to cope with large volumes of enquiries in a timely and efficient way.

By aligning your software closely with your requirements, workflow, and vision, you can speed up processing, improve accuracy, minimise risk and enhance customer experience.

Advanced score engine

Our score engine enables your team to fully or partly automate any and all aspects of the decision making and underwriting process.

Natively interfaces into credit agencies (e.g. Experian, Equifax), and other third-party portals

Fully configurable scorecards and policy rules facilitate automated processing, e.g. scoring and grading

Provides quick responses to your brokers and customers

Brings advanced functionality, such as PDF contracts, e-signatures, and document archiving

Underwriting rules can be tweaked in minutes to reflect market changes

Includes the shape of the finance proposal and the asset in the decision process

Enables you to update scorecards and policy rules in-house to avoid expensive external updates

Seamlessly integrates with existing front-end systems

Records all the data for performance monitoring and data analysis

Automatically accepts or rejects, or sends deals for manual approval, based on configuration

You can count on us

Transition is a low-risk software development company with more than two decades of experience in delivering bespoke software for the Financial Services sector. Our expertise spans from building complete quotation portals and underwriting systems to the support and enhancement of legacy applications.

Transition’s directors are from the leasing industry themselves, having spent several years in senior roles at Mercedes-Benz Finance. Our understanding of the financial services market enables us to develop tailored and scalable solutions that facilitate the growth of our clients.

Whether you are a captive, prime, or subprime lender, we speak your language. We also understand the business and legal environment you work in.

Transition: trusted by many in your industry

Transition has already rolled out financial software for a number of prominent global and national brands.

Our Financial Services portfolio includes, but not limited to: banking and lending portals, comprehensive underwriting solutions, and bespoke scoring engines.

If you look to minimise risk and disruption, reduce operational and integration costs, and enhance the functionality of your system, contact us today. Our business and technical experts will point you in the right direction.

Better decisions and smoother workflows for Financial Services