How we work

Our staged software development process

Our mission is to create maximum value for your business all along your digital transformation journey. This requires high degrees of reliability, flexibility and agility, and the right development processes that reflect this philosophy.

For instance, we use a time-boxed delivery methodology to ensure steady, systematic releases. This approach guarantees sustainable, risk-free progress, and meaningful results.​

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0. Starting point

You have realised an opportunity to grow, or you face a pressing business challenge that none of the existing software packages can address.

You are sure that your idea will have a meaningful impact on your business, and you are looking for a bespoke development partner, who can help you bring this idea to life.

The first step in turning your idea into reality is defining your vision and confirming its commercial viability by developing the business case.


1. Business Case

The main objective of this stage is to justify your investment by defining the key business benefits of the project.

At this stage nothing is set in stone, but diligently recording the objectives, priorities, possible risks and contingencies at this early step can prevent issues at later stages of the development process.

A sensible, concise, yet thorough business case will ensure correct alignment between your business goals and the technological approach to reach those. It will also serve as the first step in creating a partnership between you and your chosen developer partner.

OUTCOME: By exploring the benefits your business can gain, the array of potential solutions, and the measures of its impact, you will have a technological concept of how to make your vision a reality. This is key to getting all the stakeholders to buy into your vision.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Normally a single meeting. We usually provide you with sufficient information (including indicative timescales and costs) that enables you to build your business case during our first meeting. We can make assumptions based on our past projects that are similar to yours.

THE NEXT STEP: The business case has defined what your vision is, and it will serve as a blueprint in the Specification phase to confirm how your vision will be brought to life.


2. Specification

There are two key objectives of this phase. First, for us to propose a specific development solution, timescale and approach, that is all built upon and confirms your vision.

We demonstrate the way forward by delivering a specification document, spreadsheet models, proof-of-concept, and a working prototype, so even at this early stage you will be able to visualise the end results of the project, without making a full commitment.

The second objective of the Specification is for you to evaluate the solution we have put forward and assess whether you are ready to authorise the next step, the Development phase.

Based on our experience this early stage of our cooperation is when we start to earn our clients’ trust. Transforming your idea into a functional prototype will demonstrate our full understanding of your vision, and prove our ability to turn it into reality.

OUTCOME: The specification document, spreadsheet models and the prototype of your software will confirm that your vision and the proposed solution outlined in the business case are correctly aligned, and demonstrate that we can bring your idea to life.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Developing your Specification usually takes between 2-4 weeks.

THE NEXT STEP: Once you have the confidence in the solution and the trust in us to build it for you, you are ready to sign off on the Development of your bespoke application.

Deliverables in the Specification Phase


The specification document will outline both the technological and business objectives and requirements of your application, and provide a clear and concise summary of what exactly is going to be delivered. It will also contain important details of background processes that aren’t pronounced by the prototype.

The specification document often includes diagrams that depict the functional areas and processes of your business, your workflows, and the architecture of your bespoke application.


Some workflows and business processes involve complex calculations. These need to be defined, fully understood and precisely documented.

The spreadsheet models containing this crucial information are built to illustrate current processes, specify the required changes, and to create test cases for testing your application throughout its development.


Working together to produce spreadsheet models, the specification document, and the prototype of their software gives our clients confidence in our partnership early on in the process. In those rare cases, where there are still questions around the technological solution or concerns about how some of the functionality will be delivered, we develop a proof-of-concept (PoC).

While the exact nature of the PoC varies by case, it typically removes all remaining technological or business uncertainty and confirms that the proposed solution will meet your objectives.


The high point of the Specification stage is definitely the demonstration of the prototype of your future application. Our team of business analysts will work closely with your team to define what your users require, visualise it via the linked screens, and make further changes, if needed. Complex software projects normally involve several interactions before the prototype is signed off.

Our methodology revolves around flexibility and agility, so your prototype can be fine-tuned during its development, all within your initial budget. This functional screen prototype will provide the foundation of a successful software project and will enable you to experience your bespoke application before you invest in developing it.


3. Development & Testing

The objectives, the milestones, and the timescales of the Development stage are defined by your vision, the business case, and the Specification.

While the time necessary to go live with a bespoke application greatly varies by project, our development methodology ensures quick, risk-free, and exceptionally flexible progress in all cases.

Our staged approach entails delivering your bespoke application gradually, adding new functionality and features through a predictable, controlled, yet highly flexible time-boxed process. This continuous delivery method benefits your project in many tangible ways.

Habitual testing and frequent feedback from your users and stakeholders ensure that your software functions in line with your vision and brings real-life value. Time-boxed iterations and milestones give your business greater control over your investment schedule.

OUTCOME: Your vision has been turned into technical reality. Through continuous delivery your team and stakeholders have experienced its functionality and look-and-feel. It is ready to go live and bring real-life value to your business.

HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE? Developing your bespoke application usually takes between 3-6 months. The Specification document will establish timescales.

THE NEXT STEP: At this point you are confident in and familiar with your bespoke application. Once you authorise its deployment we will make sure it goes live without disruptions.

Key Steps of the Development Phase


We deliver ADAM, our bespoke development framework and its code bank early on in the process, usually in the very first release of your application. This allows us to quickly fine-tune the core functionality of the app. It also lays the foundations for the next stages of the development.


Once ADAM is in place, it’s time to set up your administration screens. Depending on your project, we may deliver some or even all of these during the Specification phase. A significant portion of the admin functionality will run on automatically generated code. This reduces the amount of code we have to write from scratch, which results in significantly faster development.


Finally, we will build the fully bespoke functionality and features of your application. Whether these are complex calculations, your specialised workflows, crucial integrations, or unique user interfaces, we will make sure that their technical delivery is fully aligned with your vision.


4. Go-live & Onboarding

One of the key benefits of our staged approach is that by the time your bespoke software goes live, most of your team will have experienced how it works.

This leads to a shallow learning curve as well as quick and efficient onboarding for even those who were less involved in its development. Smoother, shorter onboarding generates immediate, real-life business value, so you can see return on investment sooner.

Another crucial advantage of the time-boxed delivery process is that your bespoke solution will be integrated into your day-to-day workflow seamlessly. Our goal is to ensure perfect alignment between your business goals and your software system without disruption.

So, it is only natural that we will be especially vigilant in this crucial phase. Our framework, our agility, and reactive approach ensure that we can promptly identify and resolve any issues that may occur during the go-live.

OUTCOME: Your vision is now your day-to-day reality. Whether your goal was a better customer experience, streamlined workflows, or better access to data, you now start to notice the benefits of having your idea realised.

THE NEXT STEP: By this time we have already agreed on the specifics of the support and maintenance of your bespoke application. From this point on, our common goal is to keep your mission-critical system running, to identify potential areas to improve, and to prepare your software for potential challenges of the future.


5. Support & Enhancement

Our team is fully committed to keep the mission-critical systems your business rely on perfectly operational. Our history and client list prove that we possess both the appropriate infrastructure and the right mind-set to support such critical applications.

Working with our lean, close-knit team you will have a close, efficient and steady relationship with the developers who look after your bespoke application.

Change is in our name and in our culture: we design your system to be organically future-proof, and we react swiftly to new requirements. We are ready to quickly build additional features based on practical use and feedback from your team and stakeholders.

OUTCOME: We are devoted to preserve and extend the relevancy and lifetime value of your system, and maximise your return on investment. We have the drive, ability, and agility to make changes to your bespoke software to reflect your evolving needs. This dedication ensures that your application provides sustainable value in the long term.

THE NEXT STEP: Keep working closely with us to keep your bespoke system reliable, resilient, and relevant. Our partnership will ensure that you can rely on your mission-critical application today and in the future.

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