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Hybrid-Agile development underpins everything we do, so right from the very start of your project, nothing is set in stone.

We don’t expect you to tell us exactly how your application will be used, and exactly what features will be required. Instead, we use our huge repository of projects and code to rapidly build a wire-frame that you and your stakeholders can visualise, use and critique from the earliest possible stage in the project.


This precious feedback not only enables us to incorporate repeated improvements into your application, it also steers us and you towards a fuller understanding of the final business value that you want your application to deliver.

And if that requires further change, we’re agile enough to deliver it!

Another reason for choosing Transition will be our ability to efficiently create quality code. Given this, the more we can re-use, and automatically generate reduces the amount of testing and development time required. Also it provides a proven architectural foundation for the project.

Our build process is iterative/agile with aim of providing users with early visibility of the functionality. This enables changes to be made quickly and cheaply and ensures the project is on target to deliver the agreed benefit.

The milestones that deliver your project

Initial meeting

First of all, we’ll have an initial meeting or call with you to really drill down into what you want the project to deliver, understand how you want to work, and brainstorm options and approaches.

After that, we’ll be there to help you past every milestone that will ensure the successful delivery of your project, including:


Cost and duration are critical considerations for your business, but projects can be complex to scope. Our agile approach applies learning from many other successful projects to our discussions with you, providing you with a reliable initial proposal, or even (for smaller projects) a fixed price agreement.


Agreeing the deliverables across multiple stakeholders in a complex project can be fraught with difficulty. Our wire-frame tool enables your key users to visualise, share and comment on the project and its requirements, from day one, for swift specification sign off.


We keep this process iterative, agile and flexible, drawing on hundreds of past projects, and using automated, tested First Project code generation to rapidly deliver 40% – 60% of your project’s functionality. Scaffolding is then used to automatically generate builds that your users can see, test and give feedback on. Changes at this stage typically have little if any effect on project costs and time-scales.

Bespoke development

Another collaborative process, this enables you to define requirements specific to your business, which off-the-shelf software can’t address. Complex screen navigation, calculation, validation rules and reporting can all form part of this bespoke development phase, as can integration with desktop and mobile apps, Microsoft Office add-ins and more.


Our constant stakeholder involvement means that your application has been user-tested repeatedly since day one! But this is where we also work with you to test the business flows from beginning to end, ensure 100% technical compatibility with previous releases, and give you the opportunity to sign the project off – or, indeed, make changes.


We’ll work with you to make sure you have a suitable environment to host and operate the application, and that your users are suitably trained. We’ll also help you to migrate any data from the previous system.

Support and further development

We’re still with you once the application goes live, monitoring it closely for at least the first two months so that issues can be quickly identified and managed. Our agile applications are designed to evolve continually to meet changing requirements, so your ideas and feedback might become the next development project!