The rise of the Phoenix

Bespoke Case Management system for Countrywide

The company’s emergency relocation business faced a number of process and IT challenges around case handling and management. The business recognised that these were impacting efficiency, cost control, and, ultimately, quality of service to customers… READ MORE

PCF Bank

A time of transition for PCF Bank

Bespoke Web-based Proposal Management System

Finance houses can spend considerable time and effort in dealing with the administration of new proposals. PCF Bank (previously PCFG) needed an application that would automate various decisions and the agreement workflow… READ MORE

Tripling business volumes was no accident for IMS

with a bespoke, workflow-centric case management system

Incident Management Solutions (IMS) is the powerhouse behind over 25% of the UK’s vehicle accident repair claims. It delivers engineering, bespoke repair management, total loss solutions and other critical services for the insurers and partners who keep Britain on the road… READ MORE

Delivering a Platform for Property Sector Professionalism

Bespoke compliance management system for Countrywide

Managing a large geographic spread of businesses and agents in a highly complex and fast-moving regulatory environment poses significant communication, training and administrative challenges… READ MORE

Quicker credit decisions boost business

Bespoke credit scoring software platform for RCI Banque

RCI Banque is the finance behind the Renault and Nissan vehicle dealer network. It processes over 115,000 credit applications per year in the UK, for both business and private users, via some 400 internal and external users… READ MORE

Rexam’s designs went through a great transition

Automated Order Management and Fulfilment system

Rexam wanted a web-based application that would reduce the authorisation time for the designs whilst enhancing the quality of the process. Transition Computing’s team took the concept and took it through the complete development life-cycle… READ MORE

Delivering Positive Pipelines for Profitable Performance

Bespoke Pipeline Management system for Occurro

Occurro realised that it could grow its business significantly if it could somehow solve the two fundamental sales issues that existing CRM and ERP systems do not: insufficient quality opportunities in the pipeline and subsequent pipeline mismanagement…. READ MORE