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Rexam’s designs went through a great transition

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June 2023
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The automation of paper-based processes can be complex, requiring specialist expertise. Rexam Beverage Can, since acquired by Ball, designed to automate its procedures for managing the designs used on its cans. To ensure that the change went smoothly, the company called upon the services of Transition Computing.

Rexam was a leading global consumer packaging company with more than 22,000 people in 22 countries worldwide, and the largest beverage can maker in the world.

One of its divisions, Rexam Beverage Can Europe and Asia, was headquartered in Luton with productions throughout Europe, Asia/ and North Africa. As Europe’s leading beverage can supplier, it had its own technical and manufacturing facilities, working in consultation with clients to design and create their cans.

Boosting Efficiency

Project Manager, Milan Pankhania, comments: “Many of our operations were paper-based. Customers would describe their preferred design and the documents would then be passed through a chain of people, being modified en route. We decided to boost the efficiency of our operations by developing an automated system that could capture our customers’ requirements and take them through to delivery.”

He continues: “We knew what we wanted, but we needed a specialist company that could take our ideas through to implementation, within our allocated time and budget. During a web search, we found details of Transition Computing, an independent IT consultancy based in Milton Keynes. They met our criteria, and also had the advantage of being a local company. We considered another supplier, but Transition’s proposition was more competitive.”

Rexam wanted a web-based application that would reduce the authorisation time for the designs whilst enhancing the quality of the process. Transition Computing’s team took the concept and took it through the complete development lifecycle. Periodical reviews of progress were held, and the lifecycle was completed with implementation and testing.

Transition also migrated a considerable amount of data from Rexam’s old legacy systems to the new system. The consultancy partially integrated the new application with Rexam’s SAP system, and is now providing on-going support for the web application.

Increasing Accuracy

The new eSMArt (electronic system for the management of artwork) application has already proved very successful. Milan Pankhania says: “It has reduced the amount of duplication that occurred in the previous process and gives us an automated system that provides more accurate design information. With better data and more effective film tracking, we have also been able to reduce the number of films and plates used in the printing process.”

He concludes: “I was impressed by Transition’s professionalism and experience. They were very flexible throughout the project and will continue to be involved in the future development of eSMArt and any other ad hoc projects requiring their expertise.”

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