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June 2023
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RCI Banque is the finance behind the Renault and Nissan vehicle dealer network. It processes over 115,000 credit applications per year in the UK, for both business and private users, via some 400 internal and external users.

The spiralling complexity and volume of credit data meant the business needed to adjust its scoring processes and increase automation – but its existing software supplier did not deliver.

A better alternative was urgently needed.


RCI Banque faced a number of business-critical challenges:

• Get credit decisions in tight time-scales, from a growing body of of ever more complex data;

• Maximise acceptance levels, manage risk, boost bottom line – without increasing headcount;

• Increase data visibility, for better decisions, smarter workflows, and quicker outcomes;

• Deliver a step-change in productivity, whilst keeping costs and disruption to a minimum.


After considering many different suppliers, and investigating the possibility of building a solution in-house, RCI Banque chose Transition Computing to develop and deliver eScore, a long-term, cost-effective solution that was judged decisively to be the best fit for the business’s needs.

Benefits & Results

As a result, despite the massive increase in the volume of credit data, eScore has enabled RCI Banque to deliver on its UK target: 90% of applications approved within 30 minutes. The business can now easily adapt its credit processes to changes in the marketplace, reducing its exposure to risk.

In addition, eScore’s remote working and automation features have boosted capacity, slashed overheads, and increased overall efficiency, with no additional headcount.

The pain of supplier change is not lost on RCI Banque. As Alan Heaffey, Operations Director describes, it was an “immensely complicated and technical issue”, noting that the company “looked at various providers and also considered developing a solution internally.”

However, based on RCI Banque’s stated objectives – a long-term, cost-effective solution with a rapid development and deployment timeline – Transition Computing and eScore won through as “by far the best option.”

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