Why trust us?

Experience - Partnership - Dedication

We are proud of our technical expertise, yet, what gives us our edge is not technology. It is how we use technology to help our clients seize new opportunities to grow, gain competitive advantage and tackle business challenges.

When our clients entrust us with running their mission-critical systems, they put the future of their business in our hands. This sense of trust and responsibility is the driving force of our team.

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1. Our Track Record

We have been bridging the gap between business goals and technological capabilities for well over two decades now.

Through countless projects in several sectors we’ve earned lots of skills, we made a big impact for our clients and we proved we can do so time after time.

The return on their trust in us is realised through gaining competitive advantage and the peace of mind that their mission-critical applications and their business are in safe hands.


- 24 years’ worth of technical & business experience across a variety of industries

- We are entrusted with running several mission-critical applications, including banking and other financial software systems

- Many of our clients have stayed with us for over 15 years now

THE MAIN TAKEAWAY: Our solid track record can give you the confidence that your core systems and business will receive the attention and guardianship they deserve by a reliable partner.


2. Business Understanding

The value your business gains is the focal point of everything we do.

To ensure perfect alignment between your objectives and software systems, we build applications for the business context.

To that end, we examine your immediate priorities, explore future opportunities, as well as possible obstacles for growth from both the technical and the business angle.

This all-round perspective and our business expertise translate into reduced uncertainty, efficient workflows, shorter time-to-value, and the peace of mind that Transition will be there for you to tackle any future challenges.


- Our broad experience enables a quick grasp of your business and its context

- Our insights ensure that your software delivers the value you aspire to gain

- We always focus on making meaningful impact to your business

THE MAIN TAKEAWAY: Our clients’ trust in us is based on our full comprehension of their business. This understanding is embodied in bespoke solutions that perfectly fit their needs.


3. Working in Partnership

Most of our clients see us as an “extension of their own team”. While we embrace technology as our weapon of choice to solve business problems, we focus on their business, their team, and their aspirations.

We understand the pressures and challenges of all our clients, and as your dedicated partner, we will make sure that you have confidence and peace of mind throughout the development process, all the way to go-live and beyond.


- We believe that true partnership is crucial for the success of software projects

- Your confidence and peace of mind is always of the greatest importance

- Our mission is to guide you through your software development journey

THE MAIN TAKEAWAY: Bespoke software projects can seem daunting at times, but we will be there to navigate you and support you every step of the way.


4. A Fully Bespoke Solution

It seems obvious that your bespoke software is tailored to meet your needs.

What may not be so self-explanatory is that when we talk about a “fully bespoke solution” we don’t only refer to your application. Our goal is to provide you with the highest level of flexibility and agility in all aspects of the development. As your software will fit your business perfectly, so will its progress.

Working with us your investment schedule, timescales, and resourcing will be fine-tuned to suit your business and to lower the risk of any misalignment.


- Fixed costs and timescales to validate and develop your vision

- End-to-end flexibility ensures full control over the development process

- Changes to your software can be made quickly and effectively, at any point

THE MAIN TAKEAWAY: Your ability to make changes to your application and its progress at any stage gives you greater control over the outcome of your software project.


5. Our Principles & Process

Our mission is to strike the perfect balance between business objectives, technological capabilities, investment, and timescales.

That is why flexibility is so deeply rooted in our culture, principles, and approach. We are committed to bring your vision to life using an agile, low-risk, and high-impact process framework.

Our diligent, staged approach also ensures that you don’t need to make a full commitment until you are confident to do so.


- We earn your trust gradually, following a flexible, time-boxed development process

- Flexible, proven, results-driven framework, trusted by numerous businesses

- We focus on making sensible, risk-free progress with high impact

THE MAIN TAKEAWAY: Our methodology is rooted in our philosophy of balance and delivers agility, sustainable progress, real-life functionality, and meaningful outcomes while also reducing risk.


6. Our Framework

Your bespoke software will need a reliable and resilient foundation.

Our ADAM framework is designed to provide you the convenience of a software package while keeping the flexibility your business requires to gain a competitive edge.

ADAM positions itself in the cross-section of off-the-shelf and tailor-made, striking a sensible and efficient balance between flexibility and reliability and time-to-value.

ADAM also encapsulates our 24 years of software development and project management experience.


- The core of your app is ready-built to 40-60% for the swift launch of your project

- Our code base is tried-and-tested, and actively used by numerous businesses

- Using ready-to-implement and fully tailorable modules results in shorter time-to-value

THE MAIN TAKEAWAY: By relying on our resilient, agile, and proven framework and code base you significantly reduce the timescales, costs, and risks involved in the development of your application.


7. Our Team & Culture

Transition is a lean, close-knit team of developers, business analysts, and project managers.

We are driven by the mind-set of unlocking our clients’ potential for growth and enabling them to transform the way they work.

This change is about finding the right partner as much as selecting the right technology. Our culture is built on trust, partnership, and making a tangible difference.

Working with us you will benefit from our dedication to your success, our ever-growing experience and expertise, as well as clear, straightforward communication.


- Our culture is value-driven: we are laser-focussed on our clients’ success

- We use clear, jargon-free, efficient language that doesn’t confuse our partners

- We cultivate a culture of learning, so we keep up with our clients’ evolving needs

THE MAIN TAKEAWAY: We are hardwired to accelerate your digital transformation by building your high-impact, mission-critical systems in true partnership that is built on trust and commitment.

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