System Integration

Unique Ecosystems Based on Added Value

Communicating unique value

Managing communication between multiple systems is complex and time-consuming. Add in bespoke software and custom upgrades, and it becomes hugely labour-intensive.

Manually moving and checking data between systems heaps further expense on top, and perpetuates the silos that slow down your people, processes and productivity. Bespoke software integration brings out the true value of your software to your business and the users.

By automating the flow of information seamlessly between your departments, systems, and even partner businesses, our bespoke software integration specialists can transform your business-critical systems. As they have already done, in fact, in scores of customer deployments in banking, credit scoring, vehicle data, government departments, satellite data, mapping, and regulatory systems.

Integration, done properly, delivers a step-change in business value. Transition have experienced integrating many third party services including: Equifax, Experian, AFD, Google, Microsoft, Orange, O2, PayPal, SagePay, Salesforce and many others.

The Transition difference

Understanding your needs, challenges and objectives is what enables us to execute the right integration – the one that enhances the business value your systems deliver, prolongs their life, and minimises disruption.

This is where our bespoke integration specialists deliver what others can’t: a prototype that enables you and your stakeholders to test, critique and change the integration, to get to a more efficient and productive final outcome, more quickly.

Integration done properly also means having the experience and the breadth of solutions expertise to ensure that the integration addresses your most critical business – as well as technical – pain points.

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