Bespoke Software Development

Unique Software Solutions for Unique Businesses


In today’s fast-changing business and technological environment, companies need to adapt to new challenges rapidly.

Most organisations are constantly evolving, and this evolution brings about the need of an IT-system that not only efficiently supports day-to-day operations, but also has the ability to respond to new business opportunities.

In many cases, companies realise that their existing applications or pre-packaged software solutions are rather barriers than assets to their business.

If you don’t find software that meets your criteria or your current system doesn’t serve its purpose efficiently any longer, you will benefit from using bespoke software.


Some of the typical scenarios in which you should consider bespoke software development:

• Your workflow is so complex and/or unique that pre-packaged software wouldn’t meet your needs;

• Your off-the-shelf applications can’t be fully or efficiently integrated to your operations;

• Your current application isn’t customisable and lacks functions you need;

• Your existing system is outdated and doesn’t meet your requirements any longer;

• You would like to enhance your customers’ user experience to further differentiate your company from its competitors.


At Transition, we develop software solutions that are fully tailored to fit your business and that enable you to define requirements specific to your workflow, which off-the-shelf software can’t address.?

We design these bespoke systems working closely with you, as we believe that understanding the aims and ethos of your business is just as important as the experience and capability we bring to all of our clients.

Our custom applications help differentiate your company in the marketplace and outperform your competition.

Increase your productivity

With over 24 years in software development, we have gained a wealth of experience in creating tailor-made applications, and also a strong understanding of diverse markets, including banking, finance, manufacturing and telecommunications.

We know how to make IT work for you and increase your productivity in a number of ways, including:

• Simplifying and accelerating business operations

• Automating manual processes

• Improving the accuracy of data and reports

• Unifying previously disconnected functions

• Reducing or eliminating paperwork

• Eliminating repetitive tasks

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