Bespoke CRM Development

Aligning Business goals, customer engagement, and software systems


A well-designed Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is one of the key tools to manage and analyse businesses’ interactions with their customers and to collect and manage data throughout the customer life cycle?

It is evident, that only a CRM system that is optimised to the workflow can enhance business relationships with customers, improve customer retention and drive sales growth in the long term.

Most CRM software that comes off-the-shelf is not tailored to your unique business needs. These CRM systems are designed to suit the needs of most businesses, in a general (and potentially unhelpful) way.

While this gives you a good foundation, it is likely that the out of the box software won’t fully fit your business processes, meaning it is inadequate in two key ways:

• First, you will have to spend time and money getting the CRM properly integrated.

• Second, you will also need to put time into personalising your CRM, so that you have a system that mirrors your workflow.


All of this extra work can increase the cost substantially. The off-the-shelf CRM starts to become a costly and inconvenient distraction.

Businesses that don’t invest in this customisation and integration tend to be the ones that fail to implement their CRM at all.

Even some the most well-known CRM systems are notorious for being difficult to implement successfully, and failure can be incredibly expensive.

Much of the risk of the CRM is down to the pre-configured, but unneeded and never used functionality and features that can make an off-the-shelf CRM challenging to use.

When to choose the bespoke route

You will benefit from a bespoke CRM software if:

• Your workflow is so complex and/or unique that off-the-shelf CRM solutions don’t meet your needs

• Your off-the-shelf applications can’t be fully integrated to your operations or integration would be overly expensive and/or time-consuming

• Your current application isn’t fully customisable

• Your current CRM application lacks functions you need

• Or it has too many functions or confusing design that make it difficult to use

• You would like to enhance your customers’ user experience to further differentiate your company from its competitors

• Your users need instant access to timely and accurate information, and you need to skip elements of a CRM that can cause confusion and delays.

With a bespoke CRM system, your business perfectly aligns its workflow and its software. That’s critical, because you don’t want your staff to have to alter the way they work, just to adapt to the software you’ve purchased.

The less rework and admin you introduce, the more productive your staff will be.

Increase your productivity

Our team provides fully bespoke CRM systems, that offer the best opportunity for cost-effective, well-aligned implementation.

We integrate and personalise the CRM before your users come face to face with it, ensuring that the product that you roll out is the one you actually use; there are fewer risks, higher quality, and a better cultural fit from day one.

We do this by using our “First Project” codebase as the foundation of your bespoke software, then bolting on the features and functions your business demands – this means we can deliver quality and secure code in very short timescales.

To find out how bespoke CRM software can accelerate your journey to better efficiency, speak to us about our cost-effective solutions today.

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