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Transition Computing : who we are, what we do for clients, and why it’s successful

Since 1998, Transition Computing’s bespoke software development specialists have enabled hundreds of small, medium and large businesses to boost productivity, drive down costs, and differentiate themselves from their competitors.

We deliver expert software and database development, as well as bespoke software integration, adding game-changing value to your systems. But it’s how we do it that marks us out from the crowd.

Our flexible, agile development approach puts stakeholder input at the heart of every project. We embrace collaboration, communication, and change at every stage, because these processes show us how to act in the true best interests of the client – like no specification document can.

Our bespoke solutions don’t have to be large, complex, or expensive. They start with simple web-based tools, desktop and mobile apps, and Microsoft Office add-ons.

Larger bespoke solutions (interfaces to accounting and CRM applications are just two examples) can pay for themselves quickly, by freeing up your teams and refocusing them on core tasks.

Transition Computing Bespoke software support: keeping your systems in business

Bugs and outages drain your productivity and hit your bottom line. How do you ensure minimal impact from ongoing system changes? How do you manage the business risk of legacy and highly customised technologies that are outside what most support providers understand?

Our bespoke software support specialists have a proven track record of delivering on SLA-defined support contracts, tailored to the complex needs of businesses of all sizes, across all industries.

Our UK-based teams of technical and project specialists are based in the technology hub of Milton Keynes, with excellent access to London, South East England, the Midlands, and further afield.






Countrywide Relocation, Phoenix case management system

Part of the country’s largest estate agency and property services group, it provides an invaluable service to loss adjusters and insurers, reducing the costs and difficulties of finding emergency relocation for over 6,000 vulnerable claimants per year, who have endured fire, flood, and other traumatic events.

Tripling Business Volumes Via Workflow Web Application

Incident Management Solutions (IMS) is the powerhouse behind over 25% of the UK’s vehicle accident repair claims. It delivers engineering, bespoke repair management, total loss solutions and other critical services for the insurers and partners who keep Britain on the road..

RCI Banque Quicker Credit Decisions Boost Business

RCI Banque is the finance behind the Renault and Nissan vehicle dealer network. It processes over 115,000 credit applications per year in the UK, for both business and private users, via some 400 internal and external users.