Legacy Software Support & Enhancement

Preserve & Extend the Value of Your Legacy systems

The natural extension of your IT department

Transition was founded and continues today to be focused on delivering support and maintenance for clients’ existing software, applications and interfaces whether we have written the software or application or it has been written by others.

Whether the original developer is not around or you are in the need of more in-depth support, Transition have experience in taking on others’ developments and providing support or additional development going forward.

Why choose us?

You will benefit from our support services if:

• Your existing software, application no longer meets your needs but replacing it isn’t timely yet

• There is no support for your legacy or bespoke software or it falls below your standards

• Your legacy or bespoke software or database reached its capacity and needs to be extended

• Your existing software and applications are not appropriately integrated

• Your organisation faces new challenges that your legacy software can’t overcome


We support databases and applications from a couple of users to systems used by thousands, across 32 countries.

The systems we support are key to their companies, providing business-critical processes, such as professional training and accreditation portals used by thousands daily, or health and safety solutions to over 600 major retail operations.

We also provide database server support on cloud severs, that manage and update up to 250,000 Internet of Things (IOT) devices a month. The thing they all have in common is they want to talk to people and require a bespoke service to their needs.

We support:

• Platforms: Windows, Web, Internet of Things, SharePoint, J2EE

• Programming languages: C#, C++, HTML5, Java, JavaScript, JSP, VB.NET

• Libraries: jQuery

• Frameworks: .NET, ASP, Silverlight

• Architectures: MVC

• Mobile platforms: iOS, Android, HTML5

• Databases: MS Access, MS SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL

• Reporting: Reporting Services (SSRS), Crystal Reports

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