Your Bespoke Development Team in India

Outsourcing done right

Keep all the benefits of Transition, and apply it to a dynamic and highly scalable resource pool.

UK-standard quality assurance and project management from the company you know and trust – with the effortless scalability and pricing of India-based developers.

Versatility meets scalability

We are a diverse team of professionals of Business Analysts, Project Managers, Software Developers, System Architects, UI/UX Designers for web and mobile, and QA Engineers.

Through Transition, you can have your own dedicated development team in India, and make sure your business aspirations, workflows and language are understood and applied to your project.

Our expanded talent pool gives our clients strategic advantage where the scalability of capacity and capabilities is key. This flexibility is equally embraced by startups, SMEs and corporations, with the most different needs.

Why India?

Tapping into the resources in India gives our customers a list of benefits:

• access to one of the largest pool of developers in the world

• all the advantages of an agile, ambitious, and creative workforce

• focus on mobile-first development

• potential in adopting new technologies early

Transition customers can cut significant overhead, but keep quality control in hand.

You can lose the cost in

• recruitment

• training

• administration

• infrastructure

The best of two worlds:
The value of Transition, expanded

Transition works with a modular code architecture, an advanced code-generation engine, and a proprietary feature library that accumulates more than 24 years of software development experience.

Customers value shorter development cycles, lower investment costs, and shorter time-to-market.

Now with a dynamic and affordable resource pool, you can scale that same value better. India’s resources flow through our tested process framework, creating faster output at the same quality.

Why Choose Transition?

Quality rooted in experience

Transition’s bespoke development has been supporting the complex workflows and requirements of our customers for decades. We bring that intellectual capital to a dynamic resource pool to scale, while preserving the quality and integrity that is expected of us.

• 24+ years of experience spanning multiple industries

• Deep understanding of complex workflows for a wide range of use cases

• The highest standards in vetting and hiring talent

Delivering on time and on budget

Transition provides clear roadmaps, schedules, and contingency plans rooted in our 24 years of experience in bespoke development.

• Thorough, comprehensive specification and transparent pricing structure

• Cut overheads and maintain high quality, scalable, reliable software solutions at competitive prices

• Dedicated project managers for both UK mission control and the development teams

Our company culture

We take great pride in our ability to bridge the gap between our clients’ business goals and technical capabilities, and to react promptly to new requirements and circumstances.

This efficacy is underpinned and sustained by

• Facilitating continuous training and development

• Maintaining high employee engagement

• A traditionally diverse workforce and low staff turnover

Reliability, stability, agility

Transition keeps control in-house, creating a reliability shield for our customers. We aren’t scaling the unscalable, but restructuring efficiencies instead.

We have a track record of comprehending our clients’ business processes promptly, and translating business goals, opportunities and requirements into technical solutions.

Efficient, open communication

Transition developed processes that address project challenges directly and efficiently. We ask the right questions, set the right expectations, and keep customers informed throughout.

We work closely with our clients to develop solutions that work in real-life scenarios based on practical use and feedback from stakeholders.

Our track record

Our track record includes delivering end-to-end solutions for your mission-critical systems delivered using state-of-the-art technologies to a stable client base, including some of the UK’s most respectable brands.

We use the most efficient processes for proof-of-concept development, project specification, and rapid prototyping.

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